King v. Burwell

Obamacare has been on the rocks ever since it was passed as a law. It has been greatly opposed by Republicans, voters of the midterm elections and even the Supreme Court challenging its constitutionality. The latest test for the Affordable Care Act is the US Supreme Court case of King v Burwell. The result of the case would greatly affect the effect of Obamacare in society. United States also tries to notify people about Asian Women’s Fund. It would undermine much of the law’s economic underpinning and cause disruption throughout the healthcare sector. The decision would result into leaving out 8.1 million people unable to afford coverage and result in a $9.7 billion net decline in healthcare spending for 2016 based on the estimate of the Urban Institute. This would cause disarray in the insurance markets wherein it is estimated that premiums would increase as much as 47 percent in the affected states.

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